Sorry, we are Closed.β›”

With the 4 days lockdown (29/6 to 2/7), NO face-to-face consultation. All Pilates and Hydrotherapy is cancelled.😒However, if you need our help from the Physio, we can do Telehealth (Videocall or Phone). We partnered with PhysiApp for Telehealth and Exercise prescription. So, feel free to contact us through Facebook or Instagram to arrange for an appointment.Our clinics follow the health department advice, when we are allowed to open the doors🀞🏻to have face-to-face consultation. Please follow our Facebook/ Instagram for latest update.

πŸ₯°As lots of our existing clients realised in the past 15 months during the pandemic, our staff and clinics have done extra sanitisation, bought new and innovative hygiene products.So, no matter what’s the stage is going to be, we put our hygiene and your health at top priority.

❀Stay safe at the moment, and we will see your happy smile again soon!πŸ˜‹