UPDATES: ⭐⭐Unfortunately, we will not be seeing patients FACE to FACE. Only Telehealth (video call/ phone call) is allowed.

If you have seen 🤔our previous post (deleted to avoid confusion) or received our text message, sorry for any confusion. We have been following the development tirelessly overnight🥺.
We were part of the essential service♥️ in our last lockdown in 2020. And therefore, along with Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA), we initially interpreted the same that we will be allowed to see patients face-to-face.

We have looked into the WA government documentation, and APA has confirmed 6 am this morning🧐.

This week 1/2 to 5/2, Our clinics
✅ will only provideTelehealth consult, either video call or phone call.
⛔ We are NOT allowed to see patients Face-to-Face.
⛔ Core Exercise class (Pilates / Balance class) is cancelled
⛔ Hydrotherapy class is cancelled

For those 🥰who have booked your appointments this week, our receptionist🙇‍♀️ will contact you one by one. Please wait from our call patiently, as there is a lot of you (YES, our Lovely people!!!❤❤).

Lastly, Thanks for your support 💪, and we will brave this out together once again. Stay Safe! (This is the only sentence remain unchanged from our removed post😷)