Hydrotherapy differs from swimming because it involves specific exercises that you perform in a heated pool. It is a versatile rehabilitation tool as the buoyancy of the water can help to move stiff and painful joints whilst being soothed by the warmth of the water. Water can also provide resistance against body movement, which helps to strengthen weak muscles in a very safe environment. It can also help developing balance and coordination, and promotes general fitness.Some people might react to or irritated by the pool chemicals.Symptoms such as: itchy, red skin or hives (itchy bumps).

To prevent or reduce these irritation from swimming pool:
1. Take a shower or bath as soon as you get out of the pool, to rinse off the chemicals
2. The shower/ bath temperature has to be warm, that is not too hot or cold
3. Use moisturizing soap
4. Apply an oil-based moisturizer to keep the moisture into your skin
5. Some of our patients also found having a steam sauna after the pool can help, which maybe because the sweat can help to rinse off the chemicals from the pores.

Our hydro session is Monday and Thursday 1:00 pm at Riverton Leisureplex.